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Coral stalagmite

The Coral Stalagmite field of the Calcite section should list stations where coral stalagmites are observed. Gypsum stalagmites and aragonite stalagmites have their own fields on the form.

Coral Stalagmites are important indicators of sulfuric acid speleogenisis. They appear as stalagmite-like formations, often hollow, covered in popcorn and/or aragonite. They may be difficult to distinguish from aragonite stalagmites. The primary distinguishing factor is that the later is covered mostly in aragonite while the former is covered mostly in popcorn.

Coral Stalagmites are important, but not definitive, indicators of sulfuric acid speleogenesis. They are believed to form inside drip tubes within massive gypsum blocks. The gypsum is later dissolved leaving the standing stalagmite behind. Massive gypsum may still be present in the area or may not.

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Calcite (Inventory)/Coral Stalagmite is a part of the cave inventory project.