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Paint spilled or drizzled over bedrock and flowstone. This could be recorded as an other graffiti or as a possible restoration project or both.

The Other field of the Graffiti section should be used to list stations which exhibit some type of human made markings other than pictographs or graffiti. These may include things such as: paint marks, carbide marks (usually on the ceiling), scratches, pencil or pen marks, sculptures made of mud or clay, and other types of human made marks which are not of the pictograph or graffiti variety. Directional arrows in carbide, paint, and even lipstick or any other medium are examples.

On the CCNP Cave Inventory Form, the recorder is asked to include a description and approximate age for all graffiti. Include this information next to the station.


  • Graffiti, other: G23 (small clay sculpture with a university logo / 20 years)

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  • Hildreth-Werker, Val and Werker, Jim C. (2006) Cave Conservation and Restoration National Speleological Society, Huntsville, AL pp 110,333-334 ISBN: 1-879961-15-6

Graffiti (Inventory)/Other is a part of the cave inventory project.