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The Lubbock Area Grotto (LAG) was chartered in 1985 and has been active in caving, cave restoration, cave conservation, cave surveying, public education and exploration of new karst features since the club's inception. LAG likes to cave in Texas and keep in touch with our many Texas caving friends. However, due to our isolated western locale, most of our time is spent in southeastern New Mexico in the Guadalupe Mountains. This karst region of New Mexico is only a three hour drive, versus a five to seven hour drive to the karst regions of Texas.

LAG performs volunteer work for the Bureau of Land Management, The National Forest Service and the National Park Service as well as private land owners. LAG members help other members with research projects which benefit not only the government entities and land owners who manage the caves, but also speleology in general.

The membership representing LAG has diverse interests. Besides the pure fun of exploration, LAG shares cave related interests in surveying, mapping, biology, hydrology, geology, conservation, graffiti removal, formation repair, vertical work, photography, rescue and rope safety techniques.

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